Understanding The Internet
The Internet is an abbreviation of interconnected networkingyang means computer network interconnected between one computer with another computer that make up a computer network in the whole world, so that they can mutually interact, communicate, Exchange information or exchange of data.

Physically, the internet can be described as the nets-nets resembling a spider web that envelop the Earth connected through the points (nodes). A node can be a computer or other equipment (peripherals).

The Function Of The Internet
Simple internet functions, namely as a medium of communication, access to information, as a resource or data, in this case means the internet could broadcast and access directly the good news betukar information and data with the online internet access to all parts of the world without any limitation of geographic area of each of its users.

The Usefulness Of The Internet
The Internet over time increasingly required by the various elements of the community as well as in the field of business for various needs. Good to improve productivity or a means of exchanging data and also access information and entertainmentonline. as for some examples of the uses of the internet in everyday life are as follows

 As a means of entertainment (online game, sarana video sharing)
As a means of information (online magazine, social media, Browsing)
As a means of work/productivity enhancement in the field of employment (Email, Clouting/cloud based file storage)
As a means of perdaganagan (buying and selling online)

The Prominence Of The Internet
The Internet has its own advantages/pros compared to other information service providers. below is the advantage/advantage of the internet.
Accessible 24 hours Low cost and free materials Ease of access to information and transasksi Accessible 24 hours Low cost and free materials Ease of access to information and transasksi The ease in building relationships Not limited to distance and time The Internet can be accessed globally

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