Easy Cloud Management

Repetitive and time-consuming management tasks like server replication, testing, and recovery are simplified and automated at SoftLayer. You can use our tools to streamline complex processes.
  • Move images from virtual to bare metal and back again with Flex Images
  • Import your disk images into your SoftLayer account with Image Import and Export service
  • Test hardware before deploying mission-critical workload with PassMark BurnInTest
  • Boot a failed server with an external kernel to diagnose and resolve issues with Rescue Kernel
Access, monitor, and manage your cloud infrastructure and your SoftLayer account. A single set of controls make server management and account administration quick and easy.
  • SoftLayer API provides system-to-system access
  • Control everything in your SoftLayer environment with a few clicks in the Customer Portal
  • Keep your cloud infrastructure in your pocket with our mobile app

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