Samsung officially issued its flagship family of smartphone Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy A Series IE. There are 3 Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A Series i.e. Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 Samsung Galaxy. Smatphone these each have their advantages. Menyasar the middle class and above is certainly not doubt reserved specifications offered. You are definitely intrigued by it and the third mobile phone about his latest price would have been. We will give a little review for you.

As a reference, the third of the original smart phone Samsung it, two new phones that are already circulating in the market, namely the Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5, A7 Samsung Galaxy while his plan would not longer will start to be marketed.

With the screen size being i.e. just 4.5 inches, this phone has a sharpness and clarity are pretty high. Screen resolution 540x960 pixels that reach densities reach ~ 245 ppi pixels is enough density showed the best screen quality, let alone supported by Super AMOLED with color depths of 16 million colors. While in terms of capabilities, this Smartphone is tough enough because it is supported by A Quad-core 1.2 GHz with 1.5 GB RAM capacity, mobile phone fairly smoothly notwithstanding the performance for multitasking. OS Android v 4.4 Kitkat helps maximize the performance of your mobile phone. The following specifications and price of Samsung Galaxy A3.


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