Intel Would Launch processor with 1 GHz, 5 Speed this year

The need for a growing number of computer devices in carrying the heavy tasks, making the processor manufacturer, both Intel and AMD compete in terms of speed. Not only fast, but also save power is also a concern for some people. But imagine if we have a computer with a high speed, would want anything becomes easy Yes, let alone playing games.

Well it was about making a wish with information circulating not long ago, where appropriate information from VR-Zone, Monday (18/1/2016), it is rumored that Intel is preparing a fast processor will be released in this year.

The processor is said to be released is included in a family of Intel Xeon E5-2600 V4, or rather is a Xeon E5-1919 V4. Of the information circulating, the processor will have arguably the high speeds, IE 5, 1 GHz, very fast aren't they? When this information is indeed true, then certain Intel will break the record for speed limit broke through the 5 GHz. processor-based Intel Xeon quad core, E5-1919 V4 will have 10 MB L3 cache.
The speed above is not good, because for the processor class ektrim to penetrate more than 5 GHz speed numbers need to overclock which is quite fitting for the setting, it is also there that use nitrogen cooling to maintain temperature and stability.

For power consumption, certainly a little gluttonous of processors most outstanding, because Intel Xeon E5-1919 V4 power intake need this amounted to 165 Watts. This processor rumornya will enter the ranks of Broadwell-EP using the motherboard socket LGA 2011-v3 motherboard, which is also used for extreme processors, Intel Core i7 6950X who will be attending in the near future.

Sadly Intel have not provided up to this second clarification whether the right would like to release the processor. But if it is true, as has been said, Intel will break the world record for speed processor with default of 5, 1 GHz. We just wait further news from Intel.

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