Intel Processors Skylake Fastest in The World

Processors from Intel with the series "K" is indeed formidable in terms of famous overclock. Moreover, with the presence of Intel's latest processor series, many are curious to what extent are the 6th generation processor can be runaway more toned.

Quoted from Hexus, Tuesday (9/2/2016), mentioned that Intel processors now Skylake reportedly get a new record in terms of speed. This time it was the turn of Intel Core i7 6700K who were forced to work hard to reach the highest number in the world, where it is mentioned that the processor has now break the world record, as Intel processors Skylake fastest in the world, with speeds of 7.025, 66MHz alias 7GHz.
Is Chi-Kui Lam, Hong Kong origin overclockers behind Intel Core i7 is the fastest 6700K in the world. Himself had just beat the previous record, which was the difference in the distance is only a few points only, namely 7.007, 85MHz by overclockers origin Germany, der8auer. Please note that the Intel Core i7 4 GHz clock base has 6700K with the Turbo Boost feature reaches 4, 2 GHz.
On the website of HWBOT, Chi-Kui Lam using motherboard of AsRock OC Formula Z170M, DDR4 RAM for with 4 GB of g.skill Ripjaws. Then there's 256 GB SSD from Plextor M5P, a VGA card Nvidia GeForce GT630, Truepower 1300W power supply as well. What's interesting is, the operating system is Windows XP.

Like other overclockers, Chi-Kui Lam makes this work in a single processor core, with its core voltage of 4,032 V. Course for this burden all the cooling liquid nitrogen used to suppress the hot temperature.

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